Reprise Velvet

  • Botanical name: Celosia argentea cristata
  • Type: Cock’s comb
  • Use: Cut flowers
  • VBN code: 122647
  • Main colour: Red-dark purplish red-060A


Celosia Reprise Velvet is a real standout with a lush red/purple colour and a high uniformity. Reprise is a relatively new Celosia series, developed for the more exclusive market segment. This attractive series has compact, finely structured, well-filled combs and striking colours. The long stems are very robust and have remarkable dark leaves.

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Kwekerij Bos Bloemen Week 16 – 35
Kwekerij M.S. Kolenbrander Week 30 – 42
Bouten Bloemen Week 39 – 42
Feiko Sonneveld Week 39 – 52



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