Retro-chic, distinct, eye-catching …and a little crazy. That’s the Celosia! This beloved flower is a special treat with its velvety, sinuous flowers and exuberant colours. Yet Celosia can also be surprisingly subtle and combinable in a wide variety of ways.

Crazy about Celosia is an ode to these bizarre flowers and a feast of inspiration. Discover the wide range and meet the growers who grow the most beautiful Celosia varieties.

Crazy colours & textures

The current Celosia range is led by the leading series Act and Reprise, and lots of unique specialties. The classic cockscomb is perhaps the best-known Celosia type, but there are also globular Celosias with a brain-like structure, fluffy panicles and extremely large fan flowers. An active breeding programme ensures continuous innovation in colours and appearances.

Wide availability

Celosia is a product group on the move and full of growth potential. It is a combination of active product development by breeders and growers who respond to opportunities with their knowledge and new ways of growing. This has created opportunities to grow our product almost year-round. Celosia is changing from a bright summer flower to a fixed favourite in the shop, with an attractive colour palette that inspires all year round.

Grown with passion

…All the good ones are a little crazy ūüėČ Our growers are absolutely crazy about Celosias. Together, they ensure that the flowers leave the greenhouses in top condition to treat consumers for a long time to exotic colours and cuddly textures. Celosia combines well with other products, or can be used in eye-catching mono bouquets. Thanks to its sturdy stems and excellent vase life, Celosia is also excellent for use in large arrangements and is a top seller for events.

Get a little crazy!

Did you know that Celosias are composite flowers and are rather funny in design? The comb is a fused part of the stem. The actual flowers are densely packed on the sides of the comb. And then those graceful fringed shapes…! Truly unique, as no other flower comes close to Celosia.

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